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Make Business Protection Your New Resolution

Your brick-and-mortar store or office space is one of your most valuable assets. And as such, you want to protect it from theft and break-ins. Now, as a business owner, you’re probably wearing many hats and are juggling many things at once, making security just one more item on your to-do list. Yet, it should be a priority.

After all, a burglary occurs every 25.7 seconds in the USA! Not sure how you can easily upgrade your commercial facility security? To assist you, we’ve listed below eight steps to protect your commercial facility efficiently based on our years of experience in the residential and commercial security field.


The first thing you need to do to prevent theft in your commercial premises is to ensure you invest in high-quality locks for all the doors accessing the building. Install deadbolts on all the entry points as high-security deadbolts are the most secure type of traditional lock. That’s because they have a unique locking mechanism and have to be engaged when the door is closed, making it harder for burglars to break into your place.

Note that if you already have deadbolts installed, you should still regularly check whether they all function properly. Also, according to the FBI, 60% of break-ins happen through the front or back door. So, make sure to secure these first!


Access management is critical to securing your commercial premises. Upgrading your security system to a smart access control system can significantly improve the level of security in your commercial facility. It will help deter burglars and criminals from trying to enter, as they’re usually on the lookout for easier targets.

An access control system is an electronic system helping you determine who has access to your store or offices and when, where, and how they can access it.

Access control systems and keyless entry systems are the best way to quickly stop people who don’t belong to the building while allowing employees to come and go freely. Instead of using a traditional key, keyless entry systems allow you to control the entry to your premises using specific proximity credentials such as a code, a fob, or an access card. What’s more, access control will enable you to easily change user permissions when employees quit or new employees start.

This type of system can be used for any key location, whether your entrance door, your safe, or any specific room with sensitive information.

Note that for extra security to protect delicate information, you can also consider installing biometric access control systems. They require fingerprints or facial features to grant access, boosting your security even more.


Make Business Protection Your New Resolution

Installing security cameras both outside and inside your premises can have major benefits. Indoor cameras will allow you to record any break-in or theft that might occur, while outdoor cameras often deter thieves from breaking in in the first place.

Make sure to install them by the front and back door, as this is often how burglars access commercial properties. What’s more, you should also fit cameras above off-street windows as they can provide easy access to your premises since it would be easier for burglars to conceal themselves.

Also, position your surveillance cameras wisely. They should be easily visible but out of reach.

As a final piece of advice regarding security cameras, keep in mind that they aren’t foolproof and won’t always deter criminals from entering your property. So, their use should be combined with high-security locks for maximum protection.


Motion sensor technology has become very popular over the last few years when it comes to commercial security.

A motion sensor light adds an extra layer of security to your commercial premises because it triggers when motion is detected in close proximity. This means that when the motion sensors detect warm objects such as animals or people, they will automatically turn the lights on. Also, motion sensors are connected to a monitoring center, alerting you when movement is detected.

Plus, well-lit spaces around the building and parking lot will provide a sense of security to your employees as they finish their day.


This is often something people overlook. Maintaining your property on a regular basis can help you protect it more efficiently.

Some of the key things you can do to strengthen your security include:

– Trimming bushes and landscaping to prevent thieves from hiding.

– Fix damaged and broken locks, doors, and windows to prevent easy access to the premises.

– Replace light bulbs on exterior light fixtures to deter potential burglars from breaking in.


While security equipment is important, training your employees about security protocols is also critical. Therefore, you should provide any new hire with ample security training and written guidelines regarding your security policy. This should cover safety codes, visitor restrictions, any emergency procedure, and a set routine for locking doors and gates.

Another good practice is to connect with other business owners in your area and set up a watch group. This way, they can notify you if they notice any suspicious activity around your commercial premises.

Make Business Protection Your New Resolution


A professional and reliable locksmith can recommend the best security solution for your commercial facility. That’s right. Locksmiths aren’t just skilled at rekeying locks. They can also install high-security systems, maintain them and ensure your commercial property is well-protected.

At Southshore Locksmiths, we’re passionate about security and customer service. Our goal is to provide the best security solution to our clients so that their employees feel safe in the workplace. We offer a range of services from high-security Schlage Primus locks to card readers and access control system installation.

While it can seem like an investment, a smart security system will provide you with real-time data on the condition of your commercial property, ensuring you know what’s always happening on your premises.

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’re looking for a reliable locksmith in the Palm Beach area to upgrade your security system.

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